Exhibitors' Impressions of the 2018 Hamburg Boat Show:

October 21, 2018 |

Henning Mittelmann, managing director of Mittelmann Werft

"The fair was really outstanding. Selling boats here definitely works, as we found out. We're satisfied, and we also got great feedback from our customers about the fair. The visitors were very well informed and came to us with very concrete inquiries. You could tell that most of the visitors were water sports enthusiasts. The first Hamburg Boat Show was an unqualified success. We'll be back next year."

Frank Kuhlmann, Schwern Yachts

"The first Hamburg Boat Show was a complete success. The audience was well informed, with lots of sailors and experts in attendance. We had a great exhibition that reached the target audience in the north very well. This is a good meeting point for the industry. We had organized a special film wrapping event at our booth that was very well received by our visitors. The fair was very well organized and we're sure to come again next year."

Oliver Neisewald, motor yacht sales at Schiffswerft Laboe

"We sold a boat at the fair. That was a good start to this premiere. We had interesting conversations and made some quotations. You can tell the audience is technically well versed. During the week it was a bit quieter, but the weekend made up for it. We reached our potential customers. That was good."

Uli Münker, managing director of Faber & Münker sail makers

"At first we had modest expectations, but overall our hopes were fulfilled. There was a lot of interest, especially from the specialist visitors. The Hamburg Boat Show means a lot to us because it's essential that we have a boat show in this region. It was successful for us. Overall the atmosphere was cheerful and pleasant, so we'll be back again in 2019."

Finn Möller, managing director of Herman Gotthard GmbH

"After a slow start on Wednesday, the fair developed well. The Hamburg Boat Show is obligatory for us. We had excellent and expert visitors at our booth. What they set up here is great. All in all, our expectations were fulfilled. The HBS is proof that the idea of having such a fair was a good one."

Jan Brügge, managing director of Jan Brügge Bootsbau GmbH Werft Königstein

"The visitors were interested and enthusiastic about our booth. We had conversations with many of them, made lots of new contacts, and were able to cultivate our image. The 'Community' theme was a good idea. Overall, the organization and the underlying focus on service were great."

Stefan Matschuck, managing director of North Sails GmbH

"As we expected and hoped, the Hamburg Boat Show was a success. The interest was there and the visitors were technically well versed. We're satisfied with how the fair went. The Hamburg Boat Show is very important to us, because there definitely needs to be a boat fair in this region. We'll be back again in 2019."

Marcel Ranke, company management at Allert Marin

"We're totally satisfied. The audience there was keenly interested and came to our booth with specific ideas and questions. We had numerous in-depth conversations and collected plenty of addresses of people we can work with. One of the goals we came to the fair with was to win new customers, and that worked out well. We're excited for the post-fair business. The fair was well organized, which is what we're used to from Messe Friedrichshafen. If the size and services are maintained, we'll be here for the 2019 show.

Margit Bursinski, head of marketing at Pantaenius

"We're satisfied. We came to the fair without very high expectations, but they were fulfilled nonetheless. We were able to make new contacts and extend our network. For us, having a fair in the north is extremely important, since many of our customers are located in this region and we want to be able to contact them directly on location. The organization of the fair was outstanding, with lots of external marketing as well. We hope the fair is repeated, and we'd be happy to attend again."

Richard Gründl, managing director of Gründl boat importers

"We had really interested and technically competent visitors at our booth whose feedback regarding the fair was positive. We made sales and are optimistic about the post-fair business we're going to generate. A water sports fair in Hamburg is important for the industry, and we hope that the fair will be even bigger next year."

Heinke Böhnert, artist

"The weekend was especially important for us artists. The art area in Hall B6 was very nicely done. As exhibitors, we felt well taken care of, with someone on hand to help whenever we needed it. The Hamburg Boat Show was a success for us and generated good business relationships. We'll be back in 2019."

Michael Hammermeister, managing director of Hellwig boats

"At the start our expectations were low, but over the course of the five-day fair, we were pleasantly surprised. We were able to make good sales and acquire many new customers."

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